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Chatbot Summit Media Accreditation Policy & Terms

But submitting your media accreditation you agree to our Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions as well as to the following policy and terms:

1. Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to outline the criteria and procedures for accrediting media representatives at Chatbot Summit, organized by Sunrize Digital Ltd. This policy ensures that reputable journalists, reporters, media professionals, leading social media influencers, freelance contributors, leading YouTubers, and Podcasters can access the conference to cover and report on its proceedings accurately.

2. Eligibility

Media accreditation is open to individuals who:

  • Are employed by recognized media organizations like newspapers, magazines, TV networks, and online publications.

  • Are influential on social media, freelancers, YouTubers, or Podcasters with relevant coverage and a substantial following.

  • Can provide valid identification and credentials confirming their media affiliation.

  • Have a history of covering topics related to technology, AI, chatbots, Conversational AI, FinTech, IT, and related sectors.

3. Application Process

To seek accreditation for Chatbot Summit, media reps must submit an application by the deadline, set 14 days before the event. The application should include:

  • Name, contact details, and role within the media organization.

  • A brief overview of the media outlet, including its scope and audience.

  • Samples of prior coverage related to the event's subjects.

  • An official assignment letter on the media organization's letterhead outlining the purpose and extent of coverage.

4. Review Process

Media accreditation is subject to thorough assessment by the Chatbot Summit team. They hold the discretion to approve or deny requests.

  • The Accreditation Committee reviews all materials.

  • Applications are assessed based on eligibility and the applicant's ability to cover the conference effectively.

  • The aim is to ensure media representatives align with the conference's objectives and integrity.

4.1 Approval or Denial

Applicants will be informed of their status within 7 days of submission, at least a week before the event.

  • Approved reps receive an official badge and event logistics information.

  • Denials may occur due to ineligibility or limited media spaces.

  • The Chatbot Summit team's decision is final.

4.3 Limited Spaces

Media accreditations are limited, and meeting criteria doesn't guarantee approval due to space constraints. Early applications are recommended.

5. Responsibilities of Accredited Media

Media reps are expected to:

  • Adhere to the conference's conduct, guidelines, and rules.

  • Display their accreditation badge at the event.

  • Interact professionally with participants, speakers, and fellow media.

  • Provide accurate, unbiased coverage of conference proceedings.

6. Acknowledgment of Source

Accredited media must appropriately acknowledge Chatbot Summit in content generated using event information.

7. Media Pass & Additional Terms

Upon approval for media accreditation, you will receive a media pass.

By accepting your media pass, you authorize the inclusion of your publication on the event press list and website. Should you opt-in your name, job title alongside your publicationmay be shared as well. In any case Your contact information (email and phone) will not be shared will not be shared without your explicit written permission.

8 Revocation of Accreditation

Sunrize Digital Ltd can revoke accreditation if reps fail to meet responsibilities or disrupt the event's integrity.

9. Media Facilities and Services

Accredited media can access designated facilities to conducts interviews. Pre scheduled interviews should be coordinated through our contact infomration or through the press release contact you received.

10. Contact Information

For inquiries and submissions:


11. Disclaimer

Sunrize Digital Ltd retains the right to modify this policy as needed. Submission of an accreditation application does not guarantee approval.

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