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Chatbot Summit is BACK in Berlin on Mar. 19-21, Shaping the Future of Conversational & Generative AI

BERLIN, 24 January 2024 /PRNewswire/ - Building on the success of previous editions held in London, Tokyo, Berlin, and Tel Aviv, since 2016, Chatbot Summit is finally returning to Berlin on March 19 - 21 at the Ritz-Carlton. Don't miss the opportunity to learn and engage with top AI leaders at companies like Amazon, BCG, Microsoft, N26, On-Running, Vodafone, and more. 

This event offers leaders a window into the future, equipping them to navigate 

the rapidly evolving landscape of Generative AI and Natural Language Technologies. Chatbot Summit is poised to address these with a comprehensive overview. We will delve into key trends such as the dawn of Natural Language Operating Systems, Complying with the Latest EU AI regulations, leveraging enterprise data through RAG methodologies, comparing Large Language Models with Small Language Models and guiding investment in existing Conversational AI, Contact Center and Cloud infrastructure. 

Day-one, focuses on skill enhancement through comprehensive, hands-on workshops led by industry experts and are designed for an interactive learning experience with limited seating.

Day-two, introduces a new concept called “Horizons,” offering an overview of key topics in a multi-perspective format that includes keynotes, success stories, and audience-led Q&A. The segment is orchestrated by Sunrize AI with the support of PIABO Communications. Yoav Barel, CEO of Sunrize AI, highlights "This innovative format is designed to expand participants' understanding and broaden their horizons on specific topics."  

The third day concentrates on business-related decisions regarding licensing new technologies and selecting appropriate partners, featuring scheduled B2B meetings.

Additionally, the summit supports startups through the “Sunrize AI for Startups” program, aimed at fostering growth and innovation within the AI ecosystem. This includes great opportunities for startups and allows them to join a thriving community.

The event is designed to foster connections among participants, with varied networking events, highlighting the signature 'Sunrize After Dark' after-party. Emphasizing the summit's commitment to creating unforgettable experiences combining learning, networking, business, and fun!” 

For more information and registration details, please visit us at 

About Sunrize AI

Since its founding in 2016, Sunrize has dedicated itself to advancing Natural Language experiences through Generative AI. Chatbot Summit serves as a catalyst for education, collaboration and innovation among pioneers in the ecosystem from leading brands, notable academic institutions, major tech companies and fast-growing startups. 

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