Congratulations Minta! Startup Competition Winners Tel Aviv 2019

It was a close race but in the end one Startup prevailed! We caught up with Founder & CEO of Minta, Daniel Shuman, shortly after the summit to find out more about their Startup Competition experience!

Competition Winner, Minta, with the Startup Competition Judging Panel

How did you hear about the Chatbot Summit Startup Competition?

We heard about Chatbot Summit via the Chatfuel Community and saw that the Startup Competition was accepting entries.

What made you decide to enter?

We felt we would be a perfect fit for the competition as Minta has a significant uniqueness in the AI conversational marketing space. We are the first AI driven chatbot that enables users to easily create tailored video marketing content to promote their business online.

Tell us about your team! 

Our awesome team is currently structured of 6 people. Our founding team of 4 are all friends connected to each other for many years.

Arik (VP Product) and I (CEO) are good friends for over a decade, we worked together in the personalized video industry for 3 years and and launched a startup together with Dan (CTO) a few years ago.

Dan before he join Minta was the VP R&D of Upright.