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Congratulations Minta! Startup Competition Winners Tel Aviv 2019

It was a close race but in the end one Startup prevailed! We caught up with Founder & CEO of Minta, Daniel Shuman, shortly after the summit to find out more about their Startup Competition experience!

Competition Winner, Minta, with the Startup Competition Judging Panel

How did you hear about the Chatbot Summit Startup Competition?

We heard about Chatbot Summit via the Chatfuel Community and saw that the Startup Competition was accepting entries.

What made you decide to enter?

We felt we would be a perfect fit for the competition as Minta has a significant uniqueness in the AI conversational marketing space. We are the first AI driven chatbot that enables users to easily create tailored video marketing content to promote their business online.

Tell us about your team! 

Our awesome team is currently structured of 6 people. Our founding team of 4 are all friends connected to each other for many years.

Arik (VP Product) and I (CEO) are good friends for over a decade, we worked together in the personalized video industry for 3 years and and launched a startup together with Dan (CTO) a few years ago.

Dan before he join Minta was the VP R&D of Upright.

Daniel Zaks our VP creative has over 10 years experience in creative and video from his work across all prestigious Advertising Agencies such as Mccann Erickson, Satch & Satchi etc.

What does Minta do?

Minta is an automated marketing video platform for small business.

Minta's unique AI video creation algorithm will automatically create your tailored marketing videos for your business based on your business information (type and location) trends and events around you. Making sure every video created for you will generate an impact for your business. In addition, users can simply type their promotion and Minta's video creation algorithm will create their videos on the spot based on their business info and the promotion they had typed.

Minta's videos are automatically fully customized to your brand, your logo, brand colors and contact details are already inside the video. In addition, our algorithm matches the best music and marketing message, providing minimum customization.

Minta simplifies and automates your entire video marketing efforts. Our new Customer Review video will also enable you to automatically get tailored review videos to show off how awesome your business is!

What is Minta looking to achieve in H2 of 2019?

Launching our first Payable product with all our new awesome features, providing our users the best video quality and reaching our payable user goals.

How might winning the Chatbot Summit Startup Competition help you with that goal?

Winning the competition has strengthened our product market fit and brand awareness within the AI conversation community.

What’s next for Minta?

Building our brand as the best AI driven, automated video marketing platform for small business.

What did you think of Chatbot Summit Tel Aviv 2019?

Amazing conference for every tech savvy who wants to get an insight on the future of AI customer engagement.

Anything to add?

We're currently in pre-launch mode so we'd love to invite the Chatbot Summit Community to try Minta with 5 FREE tailored marketing videos and share with us any feedback! Try Minta here.


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