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Julia Doll

Innovation & UpLift
Vodafone DE

Julia is Head of Innovation & UPLIFT for Vodafone Germany. She drives multiple innovation topics in an open innovation approach and leads Vodafone UPLIFT. Vodafone UPLIFT is the accelerator program of Vodafone Germany. UPLIFT is looking for innovative IoT solutions of start-ups and innovative companies, to shape the world of the Internet of things - together. As an equal partner, UPLIFT offers an international network of IoT experts, market access on the sales side as well as on the customer side and common marketing activities.


Vodafone has always committed to deliver useful and inspiring innovation. In 1991 we enabled the world’s first international mobile roaming call. In 2002, with Vodafone Live! we set a new standard for mobile communications with internet access on the move. Fuelled by the desire for sustainable innovation, we recently introduced Vodafone Money Transfer which allows customers in emerging markets to send and receive money safely and easily using their mobile phone. We’ve also caused a stir in the industry with the Vodafone 150 – our most affordable ultra low cost handset yet. We’re a brand that loves change – if it’s not happening naturally then we’re creating it ourselves. It’s in our DNA to push forward, to create a better future, to never rest and find new ways that help people communicate. That’s the lifeblood that runs throughout Vodafone. We are driven to empower people.


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