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Lisa Hausmann

Projectmanager Digital Innovation
Vorwerk International & Co. KmG

I finished universities with my master’s degree in “Strategic Innovation of Products and Services”. Innovation was always a big topic for me. During my studies, I worked in the company of one of my lecturers, who developed innovation concepts (both, specific ideas of products, processes and/or services and company-specific processes how to create innovation) for and with small and medium-sized companies. The next company I was working for, a small one with focus on industrial design on one hand and strategic consultancy and developing innovations on the other, I gained a lot of insights how to develop different strategies for various customers coming from different businesses. Working as a project manager for digital innovation since beginning of this year at Vorwerk International means, to be always one step ahead. Innovation itself, how to develop new (digital) products and services and implement these ideas, is one of my passions. Chatbots create a new way of communication between companies and their customers and users. For Vorwerk a traditional german company, formerly known as a consumer brand for household products, we see a lot of opportunities for using Chatbots as a new interface for customers to communicate with us as a company. That’s why my team and I started to research and learn about chatbots and how to implement them into our digital ecosystem.


Chatbot Summit is the world's leading international event series connecting the eminent professionals and organizations who believe natural language will be the next curve in digital experiences. To date, 3 successful international conferences were held in Berlin and Tel Aviv. The conferences bring the world’s most influential brands, global technology leaders, and fast-growing startups together, who are partnering to build the best in class natural language experiences and take them to market.

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