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Deep GenAI Insights: Mastering Modular and Open Source Techniques for Unstructured Data Analysis

Open Source LLM

Dive into the transformative power of Generative AI in this dynamic workshop, where you'll learn to unlock insights from unstructured data using modular and open-source strategies. Guided by experts Juan Martin Maglione and Marc Puig, this session will equip you with the skills to integrate GenAI capabilities through API, and create flexible pipelines for data analysis. Discover how to leverage open-source frameworks for scalable solutions and gain practical experience in extracting valuable insights from diverse data sources. Ideal for those looking to blend theoretical knowledge with hands-on application, this workshop promises a comprehensive introduction to harnessing GenAI for real-world impact

Time & Place

March 20

11:30 - 13:00

The Ritz-Carlton Berlin

Salon Tiergarten

Classroom Seating

Max. Capacity: 24 Seats

Meet Your Intructors

Juan Martin Maglione

Global Gen AI Expert, BCG

Juan Martin Maglione is a ECT Project Lead in the Madrid office of The Boston Consulting Group. Prior to joining the firm, Juan Martin was a Product Transformation Manager at Santander Group. His four-year tenure at Santander included building the Global Cognitive Conversational Solutions Programme, becoming the first cloud artificial intelligence project in the group. Previously, Juan Martin created a startup in Amsterdam, focused in implementing Natural Language Processing (NLP) solutions.

Marc Puig

Lead Software Architect - GenAI Specialist, BCG

Software Architect at BCG X with 15+ years in Software Engineering, MLOps and digital transformation, specializing in Generative AI across various industries.

Expertise in software engineering, architecture design, and data engineering, driving innovation and solutions.

Passionate about mountain climbing, photography, and generative art, with a foundational role in advancing Generative AI technology.

What To Expect

Who Is This For?

✓ Digital Transformation Leaders
✓ IT and AI Project Managers
✓ Innovation and R&D Heads

✓ Tech-Driven Entrepreneurs


✓ Basic Understanding of LLM Concepts

✓ Basic Python Programming

✓ Bring Your Own Laptop

✓ Access to Google Colab

What You'll Learn & Do?

✓ Generative AI 101 introduction

✓ Modular approach and open source frameworks
✓ Evaluation of generative use cases at scale
✓ Technical domain:

          - Define an extraction logic flow

          - Build a pipeline configuration from the extraction logic flow

          - Use the pipeline configuration to extract insights from text using an API

Agenda & Activities

  • Getting Settled  5 minutes

  • Information Session  40 minutes

  • Break   5 minutes

  • Individual / Group Exercise 20 minutes

  • Q&A/Discussion  20 minutes

  • Reflection/ Discussion  20 minutes


In order to register to our workshops you must purchase a Platinum Pass. With the Pass you are eligible to select up to 4 workshops. If you are interested in attending only one workshop you may purchase the Gold Plus Pass.

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