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Elevating Post Purchase Customer Experience with Generative AI

Join Aura as she explores the synergies between NLP and GenAI to enhance post-purchase customer experiences. Through a hybrid approach, we uncover how these technologies are improving customer interactions. We will dive into ongoing GenAI initiatives, understanding the challenges encountered and strategies and tactics for overcoming them.

Time & Place

March 20

Meet Your Intructors

Aura Hita Losa

CX Automations Specialist, On AG

As a CX Advocate and seasoned Marketer, Aura is at the forefront of advancing Conversational Automation in her role as a CX Automations Specialist at On. She brings over a decade of global digital expertise, and has dedicated over 5 years to the Conversational AI industry, with a focus on elevating customer-brand interactions through the application of AI technologies.

Passionate about creating meaningful conversations, Aura is highly engaged in understanding UX and cross-cultural consumer behavior, reflecting her dedication to fostering impactful and innovative solutions.

What To Expect

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In order to register to our workshops you must purchase a Platinum Pass. With the Pass you are eligible to select up to 4 workshops. If you are interested in attending only one workshop you may purchase the Gold Plus Pass.

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