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Facilitate BMW Business Process Through Conversational AI

Thanks to rapid technological advances, chatbots have evolved from being a fad to an indispensable part of corporate strategy. No longer a nascent technology, chatbots have matured into solutions that drew enterprises’ attention across industries. But how do we distinguish a simple chatbot from human-like, AI-driven conversational solutions that we now see businesses adopting? Conversational systems transform user experience as applications start understanding the user’s language. This not only simplifies the workflow but also increases productivity and optimizes corporate processes. In this talk we will discuss about Enterprise Dialogue Systems (currently POC) at BMW Group that have transformed the perception of automation and been a driving force in digitalization within the company. We show how our task-oriented chatbots implemented for a variety of target groups (e.g. employees, customers) relieve the workload of human support agents, save employees’ time and improve customers’ experience. Roshan will also discuss one example on how Conversational AI and Speech has become strategically important inside the car, but also more and more along enterprise processes as well.

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June 26

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