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Generative AI and Factuality: Dealing with 'Hallucinations' in Enterprise deployments

Hallucinations in Generative AI refer to the generation of text that are not based on factual information but instead arise from the model's internal processes or and the biases within it. In other words, hallucinations occur when the AI generates content that is fictional, inaccurate, or disconnected from reality. In enterprise grade deployments, factuality is one of the key challenges when utilizing Generative AI.

In this keynote, Goehkan will share methods and best practices based on real-life examples as well as academy research to deal with this challenge in Generative AI.

Time & Place

Oct 12

14:00 - 14:30

Meet Your Intructors

Goekhan Bakir, PhD.

Distinguished Engineer, Google

Dr. Goekhan Bakir is a distinguished engineer at Google Cloud, acting as overall Tech Lead for all Conversational Intelligence. Since joining Google in 2006, Dr. Bakir helped found different products including Google Lens, Google Duplex for the Web, and Now on Tap. Dr. Bakir is a Max Planck Alumni with expertise in Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, and Computer Vision.

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