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Panel: Ethical Considerations in Designing Natural Language Based Applications

This panel discussion will delve into the fundamental questions of why ethics and regulation are paramount in the context of AI, with a specific focus on Generative and Conversational AI. It will explore the unique ethical and regulatory challenges posed by Conversational AI projects, emphasizing the importance of transparency in customer interactions with AI-based assistants. The panel will provide key insights into best practices for companies embarking on Gen. AI projects, highlighting the essential steps for responsible and ethical AI deployments.

Time & Place

Oct 12

12:00 - 12:30

Hearts Stage

Meet Your Intructors

Chris Morgan Brown

Natural Language AI , Amazon AWS

Chris Morgan Brown is a Principal Consultant for Natural Language AI in AWS Professional Services. Active in the field since 2015, Chris co-founded Snaps, a pioneering Conversational AI platform later acquired by Quiq. Chris led chatbot developments at Columbia Sportswear before becoming Lead Product Manager for Wells Fargo's retail chatbot. Since May 2021, Chris has been working at AWS, collaborating with large enterprise customers to design, launch, and optimize Conversational AI experiences across voice and chat platforms.

Luke Vilain

Data Ethics & Gen AI Specialist

Most recently I have been leading the risk and opportunities assessment for Generative AI across UBS. Prior to this, I spent 5 years focusing on how to make data ethics practical and widespread – specifically, designing policy, processes, reusable tooling, and control frameworks to deliver data ethics by design and at scale. This covers fairness, explainability, ethical purpose and ethical data use among other topics. I am deeply passionate about data ethics and responsible AI and want to bring awareness and understanding to audiences around the world.

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