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Revolutionize bot development with Generative AI

Build your own intelligent bot using the latest Generative AI capabilities of Microsoft Power Virtual Agents.
Conversational AI has seen seismic shifts in how we can engage with our customers and colleagues, especially with the emergence of LLMs and GPT!
This masterclass gives you the core skills you need to build engaging bots using Power Virtual Agents. You'll see how to rapidly enable your bot to answer questions from your web site or other knowledge sources using Azure OpenAI large language models, build out your bot's abilities with the assistance of Copilot and connect to your external data and easily parse it using the powerful authoring canvas to simplify customer engagement with process automation. FInally, you will see just how simple it is to publish your bot and make it available to your users in minutes.
The Conversational AI revolution is here, and you can be part of it!

Time & Place

Oct 11

10:00 - 12:00

Classroom B

Classroom B


Meet Your Intructors

Henry Jammes

Microsoft Copilot Studio Principal PM, Microsoft

Henry leads Microsoft Copilot Studio Customer Advisory Team. His expertise in low-code conversational AI platforms is unparalleled, enabling businesses to quickly develop intelligent bots using generative AI. Follow Henry on LinkedIn for the latest insights on Microsoft’s conversational and generative AI announcements, and transformative stories about low-code solutions.

What To Expect

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What You'll Learn & Do?

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In order to register to our workshops you must purchase a Platinum Pass. With the Pass you are eligible to select up to 4 workshops. If you are interested in attending only one workshop you may purchase the Gold Plus Pass.

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