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Transforming Enterprise Operations: The Role of Gen AI in Shaping the Future of Work

Time & Place

March 20

Meet Your Intructors

Frank Giroux

Manager Digital Transformation, Bayer

Frank Giroux is the Manager of Digital Transformation in SCM Pharma at Bayer Pharma, bringing with him a background as an Industrial Engineer with roots in Berlin and Toulouse. Frank has dedicated himself to advancing digital transformation initiatives, accumulating notable experience over the years. His journey includes five years as a team lead in marketing and CRM BI, along with a decade-long tenure as a project manager overseeing IT projects in product supply. Frank's career has been shaped by extensive international engagements, spanning the USA, Vietnam, China, and multiple European countries. He has established himself as a specialist in chatbot and LLM applications, earning recognition such as the SCM Management Award for his pioneering project in the Crop area, hailed as the Supply Chain Breakthrough of the Year 2017. Beyond his professional endeavors, Frank is a passionate speaker, sharing valuable insights on digital transformation, the integration of artificial intelligence, and innovative methodologies.

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