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35k Customer Engagements per Day! Strategies & Tactics for Creating Engaging Chatbots

A button, a word, an emoji, an image? Sometimes, the smallest change can have the biggest impact. How can you maximize your chatbot’s engagement without exhausting your resources? Learn how Bespoke has carefully crafted a chatbot that keeps customers happy and brings them back to chat.


60 mins


Akemi Tsunagawa

Akemi Tsunagawa

Founder & CEO, Bespoke Inc.

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Akemi Tsunagawa is the founder & CEO of one of the fastest growing chatbot startups in the travel industry, Bespoke Inc ( Akemi founded Bespoke in 2015 to create a new digital experience for travelers. Its AI concierge, Bebot, is Japan's first and most used multilingual chatbot that acts as a concierge to enhance guest experiences. Bebot is currently servicing wide range of clients from Narita International Airport to Sofitel Hotel. Prior to Bespoke, Akemi worked in institutional product development roles at Fidelity International, management consulting at Deloitte, and investment banking at Macquarie Capital.


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