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Life beyond ChatGPT: from RAG to custom models with enterprise data LDN23

Large Language Models (LLMs)are transforming the way we interact with information, revolutionizing both internal knowledge management and customer-facing documentation and support.
Join Maria for a 2 part masterclass as she will discuss all about open and proprietary LLMs. The masterclass will deep dive into a RAG (Retrieval Augmented Generation) use case, a low hanging fruit when it comes to LLM use cases.
In the second part Maria will explain how to fine-tune foundational models on your company’s data and when to best to pursue this option. Finally she will discuss complexity, cost and data and will finish with a deep dive into an instruction fine tuning exercise.

Oct 11

13:00 - 15:00

Classroom B

Maria Zervou

Maria Zervou

Senior Specialist Solutions Architect, Databricks

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Maria is a Greek-expat experiencing the London life… and weather! With a Data Science degree and a lot of curiosity about how coding and data can unlock new ways of solving problems, her journey to the data world started. Maria has worked as a Data Scientist and an ML engineer for the past 5 years, where she experienced how data actually challenges and transforms the way we think and operate.


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