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Oct 12


Welcome Keynote Address

Join Theo Blackwell on the main stage during the opening ceremony as he explains the role that Generative AI plays in the Greater London Authority as well as the importance of strong startup ecosystem and innovation community for a local government.

09:00 - 09:10

Main Stage

Theo Blackwell

Chief Digital Officer

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Greater London Authority

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Greater London Authority / City Hall

The Greater London Authority (GLA), "City Hall", is the devolved regional governance body of Greater London, England. It consists of two political branches: the executive Mayoralty (currently led by Sadiq Khan) and the 25-member London Assembly

About London’s new public digital infrastructure

London’s new public digital infrastructure is a term describing core smart city work by the Mayor of London and partners to prepare for future innovation at a scale that can truly benefit Londoners.

As Chief Digital Officer for London, Theo’s approach builds strategic capability through better digital connectivity, collaboration and joined-up city data to address the challenges faced by the city, such as achieving Net Zero, as well as prepare for advances in AI and other emerging technologies.


Copy of BRN19 Logos for company page- 45

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