• Chatbot Summit Editor

Q&A with the Chatbot Summit Team!

Updated: Mar 20, 2019

We’re operating in full swing as we’re preparing for the Summit in Berlin this fall so naturally we thought we should take a moment to step aside and talk about what excites us most about the conference.

Here are our team members answers:

Batya Mor, Head of Partnerships & #Startup #Ecosystem

What excites you about #chatbots?

Chatbots allow us to communicate using natural language and it's exciting! #Conversation is a part of who we are as humans. It is about time, that the technology around us will understand us as we understand each other; in a natural language. Chatbot Summit's mission is to empower the ecosystem so we could all have better interactions with the technologies, which eventually will make our lives easier.

How have you seen the community change over the years?

It is growing! And growing rapidly! We're starting to see significant growth in understanding how consumer brands deploy conversational experiences. We see more startups growing and we’re seeing a lot more investors in the area.

What do you look forward to most at the event?

I’m looking forward to meeting community members and to hear more success stories in the industry.

Tal Soffer - Director of Business Development