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Chen Buskilla

Machine Learning Engineer
AI Conversation Systems

Chen has been developing algorithms for the last 7 years in the field of natural language processing. He has created and deployed machine learning models for patents search-engine and for imperson best in class entertainment chatbots.


CoCoHub is building the world’s first repository for pre-built chatbot conversational components,
allowing developers to expose their components with a unified API.
Its founders and key conversation designers have been innovating in the AI industry for two decades, winning multiple awards for chatbots developed for the world’s leading brands and entertainment franchises.
Bots developed with CoCoHub are customizable to fit a bot’s character, easier to test-by-component, allow better multi-developer collaboration and are pre-trained out of the box.
CoCoHub offers developers a variety of categorized conversational components,
covering a wide range of conversational topics as well as a dedicated user workspace.
Or, by submitting code, you can become a qualified vendor and offer components of your own on CoCoHub while they take care of categorizing and publishing.


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