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Success and Challenges in Leveraging GenAI: First Learnings from Vodafone's Journey


Embark on an insightful journey through Vodafone's experience in applying Generative AI (GenAI) within the enterprise landscape in this 1.5-hour workshop. Thomas Neumann, Vodafone's Global Lead on Conversational AI, will guide you through the intricacies, triumphs, and hurdles encountered by Vodafone on their ongoing journey. Discover how GenAI is transforming customer interactions, driving efficiency, and shaping the future of digital communication in a corporate giant. Gain a profound understanding of the strategic, technical, and operational facets involved in successfully integrating GenAI into business processes.

Time & Place

March 19

16:00 - 17:30

The Ritz-Carlton Berlin

Salon Tiergarten

Classroom Seating

Max. Capacity: 24 Seats

Meet Your Intructors

Thomas Neumann

Global Lead on Conversational AI, Vodafone

Thomas Neumann is passionate about using new technologies to enhance customer experiences, focusing on digital channels to generate the "wow" effect. A driving force behind the global chatbot and voice assistant solutions, Thomas is fascinated by innovations in the field, recognizing their potential to boost NPS and customer satisfaction. Drawing from over 15 years of experience in the mobile industry, Thomas combines his international experience, diverse roles, and strong interpersonal skills to navigate various business circles and tackle the transition from the app world to the conversational world.

What To Expect

Who Is This For?

✓ Product Managers

✓ IT and AI Professionals
✓ Business Strategy Executives
✓ Customer Engagement Specialists

✓ Innovation and Development Teams


✓ Fundamental knowledge of AI concepts

✓ Interest in the application of AI in customer engagement and business operations
✓ Bring Your Own Laptop

What You'll Learn & Do?

✓ Navigating GenAI Integration

✓ Encountering & Addressing Scaling Challenges
✓ Driving Customer Satisfaction
✓ Leveraging AI for Business Growth

✓ Anticipating Future AI Trends

Agenda & Activities

  • Getting Settled  5 minutes

  • Information Session  40 minutes

  • Break   5 minutes

  • Individual / Group Exercise 20 minutes

  • Q&A/Discussion  20 minutes

  • Reflection/ Discussion  20 minutes


In order to register to our workshops you must purchase a Platinum Pass. With the Pass you are eligible to select up to 4 workshops. If you are interested in attending only one workshop you may purchase the Gold Plus Pass.

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