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Units of Conversation - A View To Open Standard for Defining Part of a Conversation

Conversational applications are becoming the new standard of user interface. As the industry increase its scope with speech enabled devices and interaction, the complexity of a chat application grows and with it grows the need to incorporate many different sub-systems. In a fast-moving technology space, today NLP top of the line system is tomorrow old news. Vendors, customer and the industry, need a way to abstract and define roles, capabilities, and interfaces between the different parts that make up a conversation application. Join Yochay Kiriaty, Group Program Manager for the Azure Bot Service and Microsoft Bot Framework SDK, for a session that is all about open standards for parts of a conversation. In this demo heavy session, Yochay will show the value of using open standards and file formats for defining language understanding, language generation and dialogs to help customers innovate faster and use best of breads technologies to build amazing conversational applications. We will review successful customer adopting the new standards.

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June 25

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