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We are a young, innovative, medium-sized IT service company based in Bensheim, Germany, specializing in chatbots and artificial intelligence.
In a digitalized world where tasks and fields of activity are constantly changing, we have set ourselves the goal of supporting companies and optimally preparing them for the digitization process.
Artificial intelligences are often seen as very complex, newfangled technologies that can lead to deterrence. These fears are to intercept and to convey the positive benefits to companies. Effective use of AI in the business process can add value to any business. In doing so, resources are better distributed and staff relieved.
As producer of KI chatbots, we have experience in using AI, related technologies and various applications. We develop AI-based chatbots and language assistants that are always state of the art. In our projects, we look at the entire company and adapt the various processes to the existing IT infrastructure. Our goal is to implement a modern solution and drive the digitalization process with the company.

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