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Babylon's triage chatbot launches in British Columbia

Babylon’s triage chatbot and virtual confirmation platform has come to Canada’s British Columbia in the form of a newly launch telehealth app, Babylon by Telus Health. The tool allows users to describe their symptoms to the text-based bot, video consult with a licensed practitioner, and store and easily access consultation notes or other information.

The app is the result of a partnership announced by the health AI company and Canadian electronic health services firm Telus Health last year. The English version of the service is currently available through the App Store and Google Play to residents of the province, with a French version planned for release later in the year, according to a press release.

"Telus Health is leveraging the power of technology to improve health outcomes for all Canadians because we believe that by giving people the right tools, information and support we can empower them to manage their own health leading to healthier, happier lives," Juggy Sihota, VP of Telus Health, said in a statement. "Babylon by Telus Health revolutionizes how Canadians can access healthcare with a unique patient-centric approach that's built upon Telus's unparalleled Customers First strategy. Quality healthcare and support underscored by putting patients first."

Video consultations conducted through the app will be covered by the patient’s provincial medical services plan. Because these telehealth encounters are conducted with a live, accredited provider, patients may also receive a prescription or referral to tests and specialist care if necessary.


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