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Interview with Bozena Rezab, CEO & Co-Founder, GAMEE

I had a chance to have a talk with Bozena about her experience in building one of the biggest social gaming networks incorporating bots. Hear what she has to say about the future of mobile web and gaming!

Please introduce yourself and tell us about your journey so far with Chatbots?

I am CEO & Co-Founder of GAMEE, a battle gaming network that connects friends in gaming challenges across messaging apps, own apps and web. Bots in messaging apps enable us to build gaming experience directly in messaging apps, where people spend most of their time with their smartphone devices.

What fascinates you about Chatbots and what is missing for them to become mainstream?

We are excited about the possibility to tap into hundreds of millions user using messaging apps. There is an ongoing trend of people downloading less apps for their smartphone and spending more time with those they already have. It is the future to deliver content, services and entertainment directly into the apps they use the most and use it for communication.

We are only at a beginning of this journey, especially in gaming. I believe the future is mobile web, bots will work as great way to deliver tailored content, retention engine and facilitate sharing.

What are your top predictions for Chatbots for 2018? 3 years ahead?

This year, we will see all platforms push on innovation, enabling bots and chat extensions to get richer. We will see more companies using hybrid solutions, combining mobile web content and a bot to facilitate and guide, recommend, especially in entertainment. Monetisation will remain at testing and pilot stages, the focus will remain around user experience.

Photo taken during the Panel Discussion "Chatbot Disrupt: A 360 Degree View of How Brands Are Coping with the Bot Revolution" at Chatbot Summit 01.31.18 : Left to Right {Oded Lavie, Gabi Guedj, Nitzan Feraro, Bozena Rezab, Noam Fine} Photo by Liat Mandel

How did you come to be a speaker at Chatbot Summit? What are you going to talk about?

I was a participant at Chatbot summit Berlin and I enjoyed the vibe of the

community. In Tel Aviv, I will share GAMEE’s experience building a global community of gamers using bots across platforms.

What are you most looking forward to about Chatbot Summit ?

To get new perspectives, share experience and learnings.

In the future, I am most likely to have my Bot be my:

Expert Banker, Personal Shopper, Travel Agent, Health Advisor or anything to do with Entertainment

Photo of Bozena during the panel, Chatbot Disrupt: A 360 Degree View of How Brands Are Coping with the Bot Revolution" at Chatbot Summit 01.31.18

Photo by Liat Mandel


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