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Media Panel: Generative AI's Role in Shaping Tomorrow's Newsrooms

The rise of Generative AI and Large Language Models is ushering newsrooms into a renaissance of digital journalism. These tools promise unprecedented efficiency, deeper insights, and a fresh approach to news reporting. But, as with all transformative technologies, they come with challenges and opportunities.

Join us for a conversation, guided by industry forerunners, as we navigate this novel landscape:

* AI as the Modern Newsroom's Ally: Discover how AI can sift through vast data, draw insights, and assist journalists in crafting compelling narratives. Explore how chatbots and digital assistants redefine audience engagement, making news consumption a more interactive experience.

* Fact, Fiction, and the Digital Balance: While generative tools create realistic content, newsrooms possess the adaptability to maintain the sanctity of truth. Delve into strategies that allow newsrooms to leverage these technologies while ensuring content authenticity.

* The Deepfake Challenge & Opportunity: The evolution of deepfakes is undeniable. But for every challenge they pose, there's an AI-driven solution waiting in the wings. Learn about innovative tools and strategies that newsrooms are deploying to counteract and validate digital content.

This session promises a balanced perspective, shedding light on AI's potential to enrich journalism while ensuring integrity and trust remain at its core.

Time & Place

Oct 12

16:15 - 16:35

Clubs Stage

Meet Your Intructors

Claire Williamson

Managing Director, Resonance

Claire is the Managing Director of Resonance. She has more than 20 years of PR and marketing experience, working with start-ups to multi-national organisations across the technology, professional services and financial industries. Claire is currently the Chair of the PRCA Council and chairs the PRCA Analyst Relations Group.

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