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Shaping The Future of In-Car Virtual Assistants Using GenAI

In the evolving landscape of advanced technology, Mercedes-Benz stands at the forefront of embracing Generative AI, a pivotal advancement shaping the future. We have embraced this journey early on, driven by our dedication to delivering unparalleled experiences to our valued customers. Our commitment to excellence culminates in the creation of the Mercedes Virtual Assistant, a sophisticated platform designed to capitalize on the vast potential of this technological landscape.
The Mercedes Virtual Assistant represents a culmination of our efforts to seamlessly integrate cutting-edge technology into every aspect of the customer experience. By harnessing the power of Generative AI, we have empowered our customers with unprecedented convenience and efficiency. With a simple prompt of ' #HeyMercedes', our customers gain instant access to a wealth of resources and assistance, tailored precisely to their needs and preferences.
Through continuous innovation and forward-thinking initiatives, we strive to redefine the standard of excellence in customer service, ensuring that every interaction with Mercedes-Benz embodies the hallmark of luxury and sophistication that defines our brand

Time & Place

March 20

Meet Your Intructors

Manoj Keshavaprakash

Speech Platform Engineering Manager, MBition (Mercedes-Benz Innovation Lab)

I'm Manoj, Engineering Manager for MBUX Voice Assistant (#HeyMercedes) at MBition. I take care of E2E development, Integration, and delivery of our latest MBUX speech software to our global Mercedes-Benz customers. I've been with Mercedes-Benz for around 6 years and I come with extensive experience in software development, product/program management, and Engineering leadership.

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