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Horizon Highlights

Future of Work & GenAI: Navigating the Post-Automation Era and Empowering Tomorrow's Workforce

Supply Chain
Tech Career

Andre Retterath, PhD

Frank Giroux

Henry Jammes

Sead Ahmetovic

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About This Horizon

Join us at this Horizon as we explore how GenAI is reshaping tech careers and transforming workplaces. GenAI revolutionizes operational efficiency, supply chain management, and planning processes. Discussions delve into its impact on tech careers and supply chain management, spotlighting tools like "Co-Pilot for developers" that enhance productivity and accuracy. Industry leaders provide insights into GenAI's effects on work dynamics, decision-making, and HR practices. Emphasizing its role in empowering professionals and redefining industries, these sessions illuminate GenAI's transformative potential in shaping the future of work.

Time & Place

March 20, 2024

00:00 - 00:00

The Ritz-Cartlon Berlin

Grand Ballroom III

20 Roundtable Seating of 6

120 Seats

Horizon Sessions

The Future of Work - Augmenting Humans With AI

Andre Retterath, PhD

Partner, Earlybird Venture Capital

Andre Retterath is a Partner in Earlybird’s Munich Office. He joined the firm in early 2018 and is leading “EagleEye”.

He specialises in Enterprise Software with a specific focus on developer, data, and productivity tools, alongside AI-centric products and robotics.

Transforming Enterprise Operations: The Role of Gen AI in Shaping the Future of Work

Frank Giroux

Manager Digital Transformation, Bayer

Frank Giroux is the Manager of Digital Transformation in SCM Pharma at Bayer Pharma, bringing with him a background as an Industrial Engineer with roots in Berlin and Toulouse. Frank has dedicated himself to advancing digital transformation initiatives, accumulating notable experience over the years. His journey includes five years as a team lead in marketing and CRM BI, along with a decade-long tenure as a project manager overseeing IT projects in product supply. Frank's career has been shaped by extensive international engagements, spanning the USA, Vietnam, China, and multiple European countries. He has established himself as a specialist in chatbot and LLM applications, earning recognition such as the SCM Management Award for his pioneering project in the Crop area, hailed as the Supply Chain Breakthrough of the Year 2017. Beyond his professional endeavors, Frank is a passionate speaker, sharing valuable insights on digital transformation, the integration of artificial intelligence, and innovative methodologies.

Building Powerful Virtual Agents with CoPilot Studio

Henry Jammes

Microsoft Copilot Studio Principal PM, Microsoft

Henry leads Microsoft Copilot Studio Customer Advisory Team. His expertise in low-code conversational AI platforms is unparalleled, enabling businesses to quickly develop intelligent bots using generative AI. Follow Henry on LinkedIn for the latest insights on Microsoft’s conversational and generative AI announcements, and transformative stories about low-code solutions.

Revolutionizing Tech Careers: The Impact of Generative AI in the Developer Community

Sead Ahmetovic

CEO & Co-Founder, WeAreDevelopers

Sead Ahmetović, CEO and Co-founder of WeAreDevelopers, leads his team on the mission of empowering tech talents and accelerating their careers. WeAreDevelopers runs Europe's leading career platform for developers and gained global recognition as host of the WeAreDevelopers World Congress. This event regularly features global tech industry superstars such as Steve Wozniak, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, Brenda and John Romero, Angie Jones, Joel Spolsky, Garry Kasparov, and hundreds more, establishing it as the world's flagship event for developers and tech leaders.
Sead’s track record includes founding multiple successful businesses and advising leading firms such as Microsoft, Google, Volkswagen, IBM, Accenture, and EY, as well as serving as a consultant for the United Nations Development Programme.
Most recently, Sead was honored as one of the 'Top 40 under 40' entrepreneurs by the leading German business magazine, Capital, an award for outstanding individuals from politics, business and society.

Product Demo - Reserved

To Be Revealed

Speech Technology, Mercedes-Benz


Agenda & Activities

  • Into - 5 Mins

  • Lightning Keynotes - 10-15 Minutes Each

  • Table Discussion - 10 Minutes

  • Q&A - 20 Minutes

  • Outro - 5 Minutes

Horizon Author

Yoav Barel

Founder & Managing Partner, Chatbot Summit

Yoav Barel is the Founder and CEO of Chatbot Summit and a Partner at Sunrize Research. He is a seasoned tech executive with senior positions at Sun Microsystems, Oracle, and LivePerson, where he pioneered customer experience innovations. Yoav believes that conversational experiences powered by Generative AI (Chatbots) will dominate how we interact with technology and businesses. He also advises startups and provides research services to corporations and investors.

Horizon Moderator

Maria Zervou

Senior Specialist Solutions Architect, Databricks

Maria is a Greek-expat experiencing the London life… and weather! With a Data Science degree and a lot of curiosity about how coding and data can unlock new ways of solving problems, her journey to the data world started. Maria has worked as a Data Scientist and an ML engineer for the past 5 years, where she experienced how data actually challenges and transforms the way we think and operate.


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