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Oct 12

Fireside Chat

Fireside Chat: Role of Generative AI in the Greater London Authority

In this insightful fireside chat, Theo Blackwell and Yoav Barel explore the role Generative AI plays in the GLA Digital strategy and the impact it has on the services offered by the GLA. In addition, they will discuss what can be done to encourage the acceleration and adoption of Generative and Conversational AI by UK businesses.

09:10 - 09:20

Main Stage

Theo Blackwell

Chief Digital Officer

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Yoav Barel

Founder & Managing Partner

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Sunrize AI

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Sunrize Digital helps brands, technology leaders, and startups accelerated the advancement of Conversational A.I. enabling Brands and Consumer interact using human natural language.
Our signature service is Chatbot Summit, the world's leading international event series connecting the eminent professionals and organizations who believe natural language will be the next curve in digital experiences.
We also conduct a series of exclusive "State of the Bots" round-table events, strategic consulting M&A Advisory and private workshops.

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