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Oct 12


The Amazing Story of AIMEE - from Underdog to Superhero

One of the principles the team at Digital at BT Group prides itself on is being customer obsessed. That’s why when they developed AIMEE - our virtual assistant for EE customers - they went the extra mile to ensure she understands her customers’ needs and delivers a great experience.

Having recently celebrated AIMEE’s second birthday, hear Kevin Lee, BT Group’s Chief Digital Officer, explain AIMEE’s journey from inception to launch and how she continues to innovate - including using gen AI to deliver the very best chatbot experience.

09:30 - 09:45

Main Stage

Kevin Lee

Chief Digital Officer, Consumer

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BT Digital

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Digital is spearheading BT Group’s digital transformation - and we don’t just mean tinkering with a bit of IT. We’re building a brand-new technology estate, delivering new and improved digital experiences for our EE and BT customers as well as creating new businesses and revenue streams.

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