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Gregg Cooke

Emerging Technologies Researcher

Gregg has been in R&D his entire 30-year career, covering technical domains as diverse as healthcare, aerospace, media, and finance. He assess new products, design and implements proofs-of-concept, and advises IT decision-makers. Gregg is also a product designer, with a focus on application architecture. His latest research topic is the conversational UI, and in particular, the architecture necessary to deploy a conversational UI. His role at UBS is to look over the horizon for emerging technologies most likely to transform the bank tomorrow. He believe we are witnessing the third wave of NLP and he believes this wave has the potential to permanently transform the way businesses use all kinds of human communication. Chatbots are the leading edge of this wave of transformation.


UBS is the world's largest Wealth Manager. They were one of the first global banks to install an AI innovation program, and went public early on with their experiments around Alexa and voice driven human avatars. Their AI Center of Excellence in Group Technology supports numerous projects in the conversational agents space with dedicated experts.


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