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Michelle Mullenax

Product Lead, Conversational A.I. Team
American Red Cross

Michelle Mullenax is the Product & UX Lead for the Innovation Team at the American Red Cross, where she leads conversational artificial intelligence.


The American Red Cross is a 138-year-old humanitarian organization whose mission is “…[to prevent and alleviate] human suffering in the face of emergencies by mobilizing the power of volunteers and the generosity of donors.” It is well-known for providing emergency assistance, disaster relief, disaster preparedness education, support to military families, and 40% of the national blood supply. The Red Cross Innovation Team experiments with emerging and existing technologies to develop new products and approaches to deliver the mission. As part of that effort, the Innovation Team has focused heavily on conversational artificial intelligence, which leverages the power of natural language understanding and processing in the form of chatbots, Alexa Skills and Google Actions, Siri and interactive voice response (telephony). The Innovation Team has launched multiple chatbots and voice experiences, across several platforms, and is excited to bring more products to its constituents. The Red Cross believed in the power of this channel and the opportunity to engage the broader public in a changing technology landscape.


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