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Michelle Skodowski


Michelle Skodowski is a co-founder of BOTfriends, a company specialized in the design and development of conversational interfaces, with a primary focus on Conversational Design. However, as the COO of the company, she is in charge of all customer projects with clients such as Porsche, Innogy, Bosch and many more. She has also spoken at various events such as the Google Cloud Summit or the Hashtag.Business as a chatbot advocate and evangelist.


BOTfriends is specialized in the development and design of conversational interfaces such as chatbots and voice assistants. For our clients, we are offering the conception and development of prototypes to very complex solutions for enterprises with the help of NLP, ML and API integrations. Years of experiences also enable us to offer a great service in conversational design with a special focus on user experience. Our clients are not only renowned companies such as Porsche, Telekom or Innogy but also international ones like the Cookhouse Lab in Toronto. Just recently we started to build our conversational middleware platform „BOTfriends X“ that is based on our project experience. This platform is helping companies to create, operate and continually improve their chatbots in a very easy, efficient and flexible way.


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