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Neil Glackin

Head of Research
Intelligent Voice

Cornelius Glackin earned his MSc in Computing & Intelligent Systems from Ulster University in 2004 and a PhD in Spiking Neural Network research there in 2009. With over 15 years of R&D experience, he has published over 50 papers in machine and deep learning. After post-doctoral research at both Ulster and Hertfordshire Universities, he transitioned to the industry. Now, as Head of Research at Intelligent Voice, Cornelius focuses on topics ranging from Neural Machine Translation to Privacy Preserving Computation. He also serves as a consulting data scientist and has secured over £3 million in grant funding for Intelligent Voice R&D through various prestigious projects.


Intelligent Voice Limited is a global leader in the development of proactive compliance and eDiscovery technology solutions for voice, video and other media. Its clients include government agencies, banks, securities firms, Call-Centers, litigation support providers, international consultancy, advisory businesses and insurers, all involved in the management of risk and meeting of multi-jurisdictional regulation.
Fundamental to its success, its patent-pending and patented technologies Intelligent Voice® and JumpTo™ are developed by a team of dedicated researchers and system engineers based in the UK. Ownership of the core technology resides with Intelligent Voice. Intelligent Voice continues to lead the market and will maintain its strengths in the areas of thought leadership, innovation, R&D and providing solutions to its clients.
The system uses speech recognition technology to capture calls, convert them into text and then automatically send the transcript (along with the original voice file) to the user’s inbox, as well as provide complex analytic capabilities
The Company is headquartered in the United Kingdom, and has been providing market leading solutions since 1990.


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