Dr. Rui Correia

Machine Learning Engineer, DefinedCrowd

Dr. Rui Correia is Lead Machine Learning Engineer at DefinedCrowd. Dr. Rui Correia has a PhD in Language Technologies through the CMU|Portugal program (2018) under the topic “Automatic Classification of Metadiscourse”. His areas of interest include Computer-Assisted Language Learning, Crowdsourcing, NLP, and more recently, the interaction between them. He has more than 10 years of experience within the NLP field and 8 years of crowdsourcing experience. Rui has been actively working in these research areas with more than 10 scientific papers already published.

DefinedCrowd offers an intelligent data infrastructure for AI, that provides high-quality training data to help machine learning oriented products reach market faster and with better quality. With strong expertise in speech and natural language processing technologies, we support a broad range of use cases such as virtual assistants, chatbots, customer review analysis, content categorization, pattern recognition and even surveillance systems. Our platform offers efficient data workflows that enable data scientists to collect, synthesize, enrich and structure training data, by combining human intelligence, automatic tools, and machine learning capabilities.