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Tom Schollmeyer

Contact Center Consultant

Tom Schollmeyer has been in the contact center industry for 23 years, he has built a number of custom CRM, hosted IVR and Call Center BPO companies. After a successful IPO for the BPO company, Tom joined OneSource Consulting (contact center focused consulting). He has advised some of the world’s top companies (Apple, American Express, Marriott) on customer experience. Tom joined Five9 as the CTO, expanding the product and helping the company grow to nearly $100M and a successful IPO. After the IPO Tom joined Avaya as the VP & GM of Contact Center, Unified Communications Applications and Cloud driving revenue growth by working closely with top customers and developing key strategies. Later Tom became the CEO of Serenova and advisor to Tom is passionate about Contact Centers, helping customers solve problems and the impact of AI in our everyday life. As more customer service interactions shift from customer service representatives to chatbots, companies are carefully monitoring changes in customer service. Tom offers his expertise on how AI can be blended with the human touch to keep customers satisfied every step of the way.


CallCorp, a Utah-based SaaS company, helps AI & chatbot companies navigate the contact center and unified communications industries through strategic partnerships and contact center solutions (queue management, IVR, workforce management, omni-channel, etc.).


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