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LLM Limitations: Enterprise Concerns and Responsible Development of Generative AI for Contact Centers

The Hallucination of Large Language Models and the ability to verify the correctness of the information provided by them, are amongst the biggest challenges of leveraging Gen. AI and LLMs in an enterprise environment.

Reshma's expertise comes to the forefront as she delves into the dynamic realm of Generative AI and explores the profound impact as well as challenges in deploying LLMs in an Enterprise Contact Center environment. Resham will also cover the latest research in overcoming such shortcomings and how to deploy Generative AI responsibly.

Time & Place

Oct 12

15:00 - 15:30

Clubs Stage

Meet Your Intructors

Reshma Lal Jagadheesh

Data Science Manager, Conversational AI, The Home Depot

Reshma Lal Jagadheesh leads the Conversational AI team at The Home Depot. She is a results-driven Data Science leader with a focus on using the latest advancement in technologies to drive business impact. With extensive experience in Task Oriented Dialog Systems, Natural Language Understanding, Personalization, Question Answering and Information Retrieval, Reshma is passionate about delivering innovative solutions that solve complex problems. She has a proven track record of successfully deploying and scaling state of the art algorithms to deliver tangible results.

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