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Navigating Generative AI Deployment: Overcoming Adoption Challenges and Accelerating Deployment in Corporate Environments

Getting advanced technology deployed in corporate environments is a challenge by definition. Generative-AI introduces new levels of challenges to such deployments in the domains of legal, ethics and more. What are these challenges? What can we learn from similar challenges encountered in the past that can help us expedite a bright and better future for generative-AI within corporations?

Time & Place

Oct 12

11:30 - 12:00

Clubs Stage

Meet Your Intructors

Ahi Gvirtsman

CKO & Co-Founder, Spyre Group

Ahi is an esteemed advocate for driving innovation and growth through employee entrepreneurship. His diverse expertise lies in empowering management teams with the insights and tools needed for innovation success, risk mitigation, and cross-functional collaboration. With over 25 years of experience, Ahi has guided mid-sized to large corporations worldwide in navigating the intricate landscape of corporate innovation management and technology deployment.

Ahi's impressive career spans various roles, including the former VP of innovation at HP Software and the co-founder of Spyre Group ( In his book “How to measure innovation”, released in 2021, Ahi offers a common framework for measuring innovation based on his experience that can be implemented by any type of organization in any industry as a way of turning itself into being innovation proficient.

Amelia Green

EMEA Leader of AI & Data, PMD, AlixPartners

Amelia leads the AI and Data Team for AlixPartners EMEA, bringing her experience defining and implementing enterprise-wide AI, data and digital-transformation strategies for clients globally. Amelia’s clients benefit from her more than 25 years of experience in delivering value through new digitally enabled products, services, and operational business models with global clients, across industries, and for governments. She is a leader in data and digital innovation with a track record of building new value from emerging technologies, and actively leveraging AI capabilities to place data at the heart of the organization to drive EBITDA impact. She has established and led 5 global innovation centers, including a regional Data Innovation Center leveraging relationships with CERN and IMD, defined and built artificial intelligence/machine-learning (AI/ML) platforms for leading social media companies, and capabilities for companies globally. Formerly Chief Digital Officer at PwC, she is Consulting Magazines Women Leaders in Tech 2023, shortlisted as Women in IT’s Digital Leader of the Year 2020, and selected as a top 50 ASEAN CIO in 2019, Amelia lectures on big data and artificial intelligence at a leading international university.

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