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Workplace Assistant - Towards a Virtual Employee Assistant at the BMW Group

With the impressive advance of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) in recent years, the historic vision of AI of reaching a natural and indistinguishable interaction between humans and machines comes significantly closer. Conversational assistants have become powerful business applications that make natural and personalized digital experiences reality. Thus, the BMW Group considers conversational assistants a strategic need for products and services throughout the company. In this talk, we want to introduce the first step on our journey towards realizing a company-wide conversational assistant for BMW Group employees called Workplace Assistant. Depending on their field of work BMW Group employees might face numerous repetitive activities during their business day. Examples are tasks such as managing calendars, booking meeting rooms, finding people with specific roles and skills and searching information for a specific topic or process. All of those daily activities are mainly not value-adding but time-consuming tasks. The Workplace Assistant targets those tasks in terms of realizing different skills (i.e. child bots) through only one multi-modal and interactive channel – Microsoft Teams. As a result, our users (BMW Group employees) have one single channel and user experience to manage meeting, book meeting rooms, search for people, and much more in the future.

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Dec 11


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