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Oct 12


Conversational Finance: Leverage company Data to Build successful Conversational Solutions in the finance industry

Financial organizations have been at the forefront of building successful Conversational AI assistants to support and improve their customer experience.
Correctly leveraging company data is one of the key elements for any successful project and Conversational AI projects in particular.

In this panel, our Conversational AI experts from world's largest financial organizations will discuss the importance of company data in successful Conversational AI projects, the challenges and how to overcome them as well as practical guidance and best practices on the topic

14:30 - 15:00

Hearts Stage

Jan Zubíček

Lead Architect - KATE

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Jaako Sävilammi

Conversational AI Chapter Lead

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Rohan Tare

Product Owner

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Sunrize AI

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Sunrize Digital helps brands, technology leaders, and startups accelerated the advancement of Conversational A.I. enabling Brands and Consumer interact using human natural language.
Our signature service is Chatbot Summit, the world's leading international event series connecting the eminent professionals and organizations who believe natural language will be the next curve in digital experiences.
We also conduct a series of exclusive "State of the Bots" round-table events, strategic consulting M&A Advisory and private workshops.

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